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RDA Volunteers... we need you please

Please take a moment to read my rhyme here.

We're on the lookout for people to volunteer.

Someone who has time to spare

To help people to ride and show care.


The charity is the RDA

Oh can you explain I hear you say.

Riding for the Disabled is our name,

To help people with problems to ride is our aim.


By giving your time to help someone achieve

Small things in life and they learn to believe

That they can be brave and allay their fears

With the help of the pony and our volunteers.


The ponies are specially trained for the task

They are laid back and happy and will do as you ask.

Their nature is such that they want to please

And give the rider the confidence he needs.


The bond between rider and pony will show

In so many ways that we may not know

But by helping a rider and giving him praise

The rider gains so much in so many ways.


They say "many hands" and that's what we need,

Two people to side walk, another to lead,

To keep riders happy and safe while they ride,

And to talk and to guide while you walk alongside.


If you are able and can give us your time

We will be grateful and you'll fit in fine

You will have your rewards from the riders you meet

And to interact with the ponies is always a treat.


So if you are willing to give it a go

Please contact your local group or someone you know.

We will welcome your help and train you to do

A job that's fulfilling and fun for you too.


Jenny Hamon


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